The Next Generation API

Cosmos and Coral make up our next generation API that gives you fast, seamless and accurate access to search and book more than 500,000 hotels with detailed content via our integrated mapping system.

What’s Coral?

The Core Algorithm

Coral is a searching and booking engine that aggregates and consolidates products from several hotel suppliers, allowing clients to search and book the best available hotels at the best prices by API connectivity.

< 1 Second Average Response Time
Translated Content in 26 Languages
99% Booking Success Ratio
200+ Partners

Improved API

  • Faster and lighter than ever
  • Benefit from wholesaler prices
  • Minimized booking errors and price discrepancies
  • Check availability function
  • Hotel availability function
  • No limitation for search results
  • Search by single and multiple hotel codes, geo location and destination
  • Offers traffic management to providers, thus better availability
  • Enables clients to develop their own travel application with instant access to more than 500,000 hotels
  • Designed to scale to billions of API calls (monthly) and its distributed architecture ensures no single point of failure
  • Removes the hassle of multiple integrations and handling multiple disputes
  • Business intelligence based on continuously improvement and optimization.
  • Alternative Recommendation, if requested hotel is not available in book request.

Speed and ease of integration

  • Simple access to complex data by smooth integration
  • Competitive response time
  • Cache with high accuracy rates and availability
  • Minimum payload with RESTful API and JSON
Easy To Integrate

Coral is 100% RESTfull API. It uses standard REST methods and gets rid of all the
hassle involved in calling a SOAP web service.

Time saving

Start development as soon as you receive access credentials from us. Coral will increas
your revenue by accelerating the time to add new products to the market which will give
you the competitive advantage. Faster search responses and booking confirmations. No
more duplicate data entry for your bookings.

Cost saving

Instead of integrating with many suppliers, just integrate Coral and access to vast
worldwide destination content and services. You can deliver a worldwide offering with a
one-time integration, saving on additional development costs. The integration is free
therefore the only cost will be the writing of code.
Coral is designed to give the speed of data access. To get more information about our API
please click the link below.

Our partnership with ­HotelsPro has been a ­pleasure.. The teams ­dedication to support­ our mutual customers­ is always beyond exp­ectations. In the cas­e of technical challe­nges, the HotelsPro ­team is very proactiv­e, and members of the­ Sales team ensure t­hat they are part of ­the communication so that customers face n­o interruption in the­ir business. The team­ is always ready to mee­t any challenge head ­on and is very suppor­tive.

The platform is very ­capable, and provides­ results very quickly­ and effectively. The­ product is varied an­d we have seen a grea­t expansion in both t­he HotelsPro product ­and business since th­e first integration f­or our mutual clients­ to date.

We are happy to partn­er with HotelsPro and­ we look forward to a­ bright future for bo­th our organisations ­as this mutual associ­ation grows rapidly i­n the future.

-- BY Paresh Parihar (CEO and MD)


This is to thank you very much for your usual help & cooperation.

As well as I wanted to thank you for how good is the new platform & how it helped in the business to grow with the advantages over the old system

-- BY Ahmed Fouad (Contracting Manager)
1,892+ Hotel Chains
69+ Different Image Categories
80,000+ Destinations World Wide
Data Universe

  • 500,000 hotels and increasing
  • Standardized content on facilities and locations
  • High-resolution images
  • Multi-language content
  • Accurate, trusted, up-to-date and high quality content
  • Duplicate data reduction

Integrated Mapping System

  • Hotel mappings and provider of property mappings for clients such as meal type, room type etc.
  • Static Data API with daily created/deleted/updated content
  • Detailed continuous optimization on client’s mappings by a dedicated team
Adaptive Content Compilation

Cosmos uses its own conditional multiple content compilation algorithm to build richest information of the hotel including photos, descriptions, facilities etc.

Destination Structure

Cosmos provides multiple levels and many to many relation of destination hierarchy in human readable format (national, regional, sub-regional, local and sub-destination based). This structure gives ability to specify independent destinations which can contain intersected hotel sets.

Representation of dependency in destinations is also valid in case a destination have been covered by a bigger destination and have a relation. A child destination may have its own child destinations. This structure creates destination matrix in order to provide ability to reach sophisticated certain destination that have complex relation with destination network.

Image Processing & Machine Learning

Cosmos collects media library from multiple content providers and collects with its own smart compilation algorithm which analyses photos, detects image categories, eliminates duplications and enhances image qualities automatically.

Mapping Services

Cosmos provides its customers cross mapping and auto mapping services to do the mapping on behalf of HotelsPro customers and provide best mapping accuracy.

Cosmos Mapping services are continuous improvement process that Cosmos executes periodically. By having mapping services, Cosmos provides mapping tables for customers continuously and keeps mapping uptodate between Hotelspro and customer.
Cosmos is designed to be the interpreter of the hotel universe to give it a meaning.
To get more information about our API please click the link below.

´We chose and recommend Cosmos as static data and mapping solution because of their advance capabilities to merge multiple image sources, provide multi-language content and keep our inventory always mapped and up to date, all this available through API connection´.

-Carlos Esteve Fernadis


We used cosmos static data. It is very easy to use and very high quality for images, facilities and descriptions in all languages. Cosmos also helped us to improve our mapping with hotelspro by executing automap and crossmap"

-Idan Solimani